Natural Home Remedies – Alternative Medicines for Common Ailments

Home remedies are becoming much more popular these days. With so many chemicals filling every inch of our lives, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are looking for alternative medicines and home remedies for common ailments.

The long term intake of hen, pain killers and other medications has proved to have serious side effects, it is time for us to switch to the natural therapies which are equally effective. Extended use of sleeping pills and pain killers can cause gastric problems, heart diseases, and multiple organ failure.

Do you know what people did when pharmaceutical medicines had not been discovered? They relied on herbs and spices to treat conditions like common cold, fever, wounds, burns, and skin infections. There is proof that herbal remedies have been used since more than 5000 years! Isn’t that something to think about?

Modern forms of medicine, known as allopathic medicines, have snubbed and ridiculed natural treatments and other forms of natural healing by saying these forms of medicine do not work but alternative treatments are older than modern medicine is. What other proof could possibly exist? Even Hippocrates, the doctor of modern medicine, agreed with most forms of home remedies.

Of course, one argument is the higher mortality rate, which can be attributed to the lack of information and resources available for treatment but most of our population has survived through major catastrophes too. The World Health Organization recently brought out a report that says 25% of pharmaceuticals manufactured in the United States have varying proportions of plant extracts in them – this is proof enough of the wonderful herbs discovered centuries ago.

Home remedies are simply remedies that were discovered at home by our ancestors, probably by accident and some even by practice like chicken soup. It is a very common, albeit effective, treatment for nasal congestion and mucus buildup. It is even recommended by the professional doctors and definitely safe; and popular in South East Asia. Take your first step to try this effective treatment. Cookbooks dating to the 14th or 16th centuries provide some invaluable advice in fine print about using regular kitchen ingredients for curing various ailments.

Alternative treatments are very popular in South East Asia where mothers still force their children to drink a glass of turmeric milk when they have minor cuts and bruises. Researchers have found that turmeric has anti inflammatory and anti septic properties that heal internal wounds.

Garlic was used by the ancient Egyptians to ward off evil spirits but in recent times, it has become one of those ubiquitous home remedies that we just cannot live without. Be it bacterial, fungal, or viral infections, a clove of garlic a day can keep these infections away. Here’s another wonderful plant – aloe vera. Be it sunburns, skin problems or fungal infections, aloe vera gel can cure just about anything. Plant one in your kitchen garden today. All parts of the plant – the gel, leaves, and the root have multiple benefits. Some people also recommend drinking aloe vera juice to take care of digestive problems.

Do not confuse home remedies with alternative forms of treatment like Ayurveda, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine. All of them are different from each other and make use of different healing methods.

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