Home Remedies for Jock Itch

Home remedies for jock itch vary from those taken internally as well as applied topically as ointments and creams. Jock itch is a fungal infection that primarily affects the groin, upper thighs and surrounding areas. Also known as tinea cruris, this condition affects mostly men hence the more commonly known name, jock itch.

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Various causes include:

  • Coming in contact with bacteria, fungus and yeast
  • Irritation of the skin around the groin by tight clothing
  • Allowing the groin area to remain moist for long periods of time

Jock Itch Treatment from the Kitchen

Many of the most commonly used home remedies for jock itch are right in the kitchen. These include simple and cheap things such as vinegar, garlic and salt; items that can be used alone or together.

Some of these treatment options are:

  • Vinegar - diluted with water, use the solution to bathe the groin area.
  • Salt - added to water, use the solution to wash the site of infection.
  • Garlic being a natural antibiotic, provides healing from within when used in food. Some people recommend taking garlic supplements or even eating raw garlic to increase the potency. As a topical treatment, crush garlic cloves and apply to the site of the jock itch.

Other Homemade Treatment Options

Other inexpensive home remedies for jock itch include:

  • Tea tree oil: This powerful antibacterial ointment should be applied daily to the affected area to provide relief from the itching and burning resulting from this fungal infection.

  • A mild solution of Chlorine bleach and water can be used to bathe the affected area.
  • Powder, whether medicated or not can be dusted on the affected area to help keep it dry.

In addition, just following these simple tips will help cure jock itch and keep it away:

  • After having a bath or shower, always make sure to dry the groin area properly. Moisture in the folds of the groin provides a breeding ground for the fungus that causes jock itch and similar fungus-related conditions. This also means that you should remove sweaty undergarments as soon as possible and dry the groin and genitals. To ensure proper drying, some use a blow dryer on a low setting after a bath.
  • Wear loose cotton underwear and change them often; cotton material is cooler and tends to absorb moisture better than most types of synthetic material.
  • When showering, if you have jock itch or you generally use a communal shower in a gym, use antibacterial soap to wash around the genital area thoroughly.
  • Avoid sharing clothing and towels, as this is a very common mode of contracting jock itch.
  • Being overweight also plays a role in getting jock itch as the fungus thrives in the moist folds of fat around the groin area, so losing weight is another way to deal with this condition.

Many other home remedies for jock itch have proven quite effective at not only curing the condition, but also at keeping it from reoccurring. The first thought of most persons affected is to get rid of the irritating and sometimes almost unbearable itching associated with the condition. Any remedy must tackle not only the itching, but also help soothe irritated skin and eliminate the fungus that causes the ailment.

Even though home remedies for jock itch are easy to make with things found around the home, you should still take care to avoid allergic reactions. For example, undiluted vinegar can sting or burn genitals and the sensitive skin in the groin. Of course, when it comes to jock itch, prevention is the best mode of attack so taking steps to avoid infection is best.

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