Remedy Premature Ejaculation

Remedy Premature Ejaculation

Men have been asking how to remedy premature ejaculation for centuries. Premature ejaculation occurs when a man “comes” in less than two minutes, while anything beyond five minutes is superb. Although medical companies claim that their pills are “the real deal,” stopping a premature ejaculation takes simple exercises, a little bit of meditation and a heap of patience. The first step towards a sustained sexual act goes through self-analysis — to solve your problem, you need to identify the cause.

It Really Is In the Brain

Men should ask themselves if they are mentally stable in every possible meaning of the world. Despite the tough-look stereotype, many men experience life’s hardships much the same as their female counterparts but do not express them as much. This buildup of inner pressure and anxiety effectively shortens the “sex time.” Even the slightest shame, anger, anxiety or depression, otherwise hidden, could ruin the perfect night.

As ejaculation is a result of muscle activity, any tension in the body will cause hypersensitivity, reduced stamina, strength and a sense of insecurity in the male. To remedy premature ejaculation, a man should relax, sit down and share his fears with his sexual partner. Short endurance plagues 30% of inexperienced young men, who need emotional stability to perform well.

A Cure and a Curse

A possible premature ejaculation cure, antidepressants and topical creams, reduce nerve sensitivity and help men to last longer. However, they also decrease the pleasure and are not a permanent solution to pre-ejaculation. Even worse, they can further exacerbate the problem and cause impotence as they inhibit some nerve endings.

Enjoy the Moment or Two

Contrary to popular belief, to remedy premature ejaculation men should give in to pleasure and not avoid it. Feeling every push and stroke will not only make the intercourse better but also increase its duration. Getting used to the stimulation makes the penis able withstand for a greater period of time without crossing the no-return peak. What is more, documented cases show exercises and self-exploration overtaking medication.

Look Inside

Similarly, self-hypnosis and meditation enable men to locate deep-rooted problems and fix them on the basic level. The subconscious message implanted during a session will translate through the nervous system into a more powerful ejaculation muscle and increased semen production.

Kegel Cure

Arguably the most successful and widely practiced technique, the Kegel program, or Kegels, should address all parts of and effectively remedy premature ejaculation. The technique includes:

  • relaxation exercises for relieving built-up anxiety
  • pubococcygeus (PC) muscle exercises for better and more conscious control of the ejaculation
  • awareness exercises, as lots of men do not realize when they have “come”
  • prevention of ejaculation as the desired outcome

Remedy Premature Ejaculation

The first step is to acknowledge the existence of the PC muscle in one’s body — for example, by stopping urination in process, although overuse of this method is harmful. The same muscle is responsible for both urination and ejaculation, so the Kegels aim to strengthen it.

Having found the PC muscle, start by “fluttering” it through a series of squeezes and releases. Initially, the not-so-utilized muscle, the pubococcygeus will handle only a few seconds of pressure but should quickly develop power. A one-minute-long series is normal for a healthy man. Men can practice this virtually anywhere, with greater difficulty when standing.

Having established speed and control, a man should contract and hold the PC muscle for as long as possible. A normal man can hold out up to twenty or thirty seconds, and this time goes up surprisingly fast. The newfound strength is sure to cure premature ejaculation and increase the speed of the shot semen, which in turn increases the chance of conception.

In conclusion, it is easy to remedy premature ejaculation. You just need to believe that you can, then give it a go.

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