Stomach Flu Remedy

With the uncomfortable symptoms of stomach flu, you need a stomach flu remedy that addresses the discomfort. Stomach flu, also known as gastroenteritis, refers to any malady of the stomach area. Stomach flu does not usually last more than a few days, but the symptoms of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea are difficult to manage. Fortunately, natural home remedies are available for relief.

Stomach Flu Causes


Gastroenteritis has more than one singular cause, while stomach flu is the result of viruses or bacteria in the system. Other causes of gastroenteritis include:

  • Food poisoning and food allergies
  • Parasites
  • Toxins
  • Medications that upset the stomach

Stomach flu is often highly contagious, so you probably have had to deal with these symptoms at some point in your life. Frequent hand washing during flu season, can provide the best remedy, prevention, but if the attempt to prevent the ailment fails, having a stomach flu remedy on hand to reduce pain and distress is the next best strategy.

Stomach Flu Symptoms

Usually, if you have stomach flu, you know, as the symptoms are graphic and keep you in the bathroom. Symptoms are not limited to vomiting and diarrhea, however, as other symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Mild, or even serious, fever
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness and fatigue

Fortunately, using a stomach flu remedy can reduce the frequency and intensity of these symptoms.

Available Stomach Flu Remedies


The symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea usually force out the viruses and bacteria infecting your system. However, this can last a few days and during that time, you will need some relief. These tips and suggestions act as a stomach flu remedy until you feel completely better:

  • At the first sign of stomach flu, take to your bed and rest. Especially when you start vomiting, you should stop working and stay at home limiting the time your co-workers are exposed. This is the only manageable way to deal with the symptoms; and resting will help with any nausea, headaches or fevers you may be feeling. Activity during this time will only make you feel worse.
  • Fluids are very important to replenish the water lost during vomiting and diarrhoea. Vegetable and fruit juices also serve as excellent fluids to replace liquids as well as provide minerals and vitamins that will speed your recovery. Do not to take in any fluids or solids for the first three to five hours after vomiting begins. This will just upset the stomach further, and you are likely to throw up whatever you imbibed. If you feel like to need to rinse your mouth after vomiting, do so, but avoid swallowing any water if possible.
  • When you feel more comfortable and the vomiting has eased, you can try to take in little sips if water every so often. Do not drink too much at one time, or your body will react unfavorably to it and make you nauseas. Other clear liquids such as tea, ginger beer or ginger ale are also suitable. Ginger has antioxidant properties, and is also known to soothe the stomach. In these hours, however, be sure not to drink anything too sugary.
  • Try little pieces of dry toast and cracker if you are ready for food after eight hours. Avoid the dairy and high-fat foods for some time after the symptoms have passed.
  • Medications that can help in the later stages of stomach flu are available. In the beginning, however, these will just upset your stomach further, but can later provide relief for diarrhoea, fever and headaches you may still be feeling.
A simple stomach flu remedy provides relief and recovery from a very unpleasant ailment.

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