Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Looking for yeast infection home remedies? Yeast infection or vaginitis affects all women at least once in their lifetime. Conditions like pregnancy and diabetes can increase the chances of developing an infection. Symptoms include constant itching and a foul smelling whitish discharge.

Certain yeast and bacteria inhabit the vaginal area but the pH balance of your vagina keeps them in check. Changes to the pH can cause the yeast and bacteria to multiply causing vaginal infections.

If you are having sex when suffering from a yeast infection, ask your partner to use a condom. Make sure you clean yourself well after sex.

These can be easily treated with yeast infection home remedies, which have been tested by doctors and researchers and are highly recommended as well.

Self Douche

Though douches are not recommended for women with vaginal infections, vinegar or a probiotic douche can help in restoring the pH balance of the vagina.

A correct douching procedure is to lie in a tub with your legs out. Make sure the douching nozzle has been cleaned with antiseptic. Insert the nozzle in your vagina and slowly release the solution, making sure it reaches all the way inside. Keep vaginal lips closed to prevent the solution from spilling out.

Stay Dry

Moist and humid conditions are perfect for yeast to grow. After taking a bath or using the bathroom, clean your vagina with a mild antiseptic and dry it thoroughly, either with a clean towel or with toilet paper.

You can also apply some unscented talcum powder to keep the area dry.

Wear Loose Clothes

Tight fitting clothes can increase friction, making the infection worse. Wear loose fitting cotton clothes to make sure that enough oxygen reaches the area.

Please do not administer a douche if you are pregnant.

Get Some Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus bacteria which kills yeast. You can either eat a cup of yogurt every day or apply one to two tablespoons on your vagina for immediate relief.

Lactobacillus tablets are also available in the market which can be inserted into the vagina twice a day.


It could be somewhat risky to try garlic since rubbing it may cause a burning sensation. Instead, you can eat two to three cloves of garlic. Just swallow them with a glass of warm water like you would swallow medicine.

Boric Powder

Boric powder is among the most recommended yeast infection home remedies. Just add a little boric powder in a gelatin capsule and insert into the vagina.

Gelatin capsules are available at any pharmacy.

Tea Tree Oil

Diluted tea tree oil can help in controlling itching and stopping vaginal discharge. Dilute ¼ teaspoon tea tree oil in a cup of water. Apply with a clean cotton ball.

Though all these yeast infection home remedies are safe, pregnant women should avoid using these unless recommended by a doctor. Certain immunosuppressive disorders like diabetes and AIDS can trigger yeast infections, in which case you should visit a doctor.

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